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Reuse At Work for Schools

26th February 2013

Students and teachers from St. Patricks National School Skerries, along with Microsoft staff, take a trip to Rehab Recycle to witness the process that their IT equipment goes through in order to make it on to their desks.

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Rehab Glassco Urges Households to Go Greener in 2013

21st December 2012

Rehab Glassco is urging all householders to go greener in 2013 by making an extra effort to recycle their glass and aluminium cans at local bring sites. Glass is the best packaging material of all to recycle as it can be recycled over and over again without losing quality.

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Promise it to Rehab Recycle Makes Front Page News in Skerries

20th December 2012

Rehab Recycle and Microsoft teamed up with Santa to make a very special pre-Christmas delivery to the staff and students at St. Patricks National School in Skerries.

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Rehab Glassco’s Message in a Bottle – The Recycling Message is Hitting Home for People

01st October 2012

“The message from our bottle banks is clear – recycling is part of the household routine for people across the country.” says David Farrelly, Operations Manager with Rehab Glassco. Figures released by Rehab Glassco – Ireland’s largest glass recycling company – to mark Repak Recycling Week (1 - 7 October), show that in the first eight months of 2012, on average 40 glass bottles and jars were recycled per head of population.

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All ‘SMILES’ at Paddy Power as Rehab Officially Opens New Store

21st June 2012

It’s set to be an odds-on favourite with staff as Rehab Enterprises has officially opened its latest “SMILES” outlet at the Paddy Power head office in Clonskeagh.

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