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Don’t Forget to Recycle This Christmas

18th December 2013

With each household consuming on average 20% more food and drink over the Christmas period, Rehab Glassco is asking people to also double their recycling efforts by depositing all their glass bottles, jars and aluminum cans in their local bring bank.

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Rehab Recycle Wins Public Sector Award

20th November 2013

Rehab Recycle recently received the Public Sector Award for the services it provides for people with disabilities at The Public Sector Magazine Excellence in Business Awards 2013.

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Ireland in European Top Ten for Glass Recycling

30th September 2013

Ireland is ranked one of the best in Europe for glass recycling, that is according to Rehab Glassco – Ireland’s largest glass recycling company. European figures show that Ireland now ranks tenth in the EU with a glass recycling rate of 81.20%, well above the EU average of 70%* while domestic figures released by Rehab Glassco to mark Repak Recycling Week (30 Sept – 6 October), support this trend with a slight increase in the rate of glass recycling this year. Belgium leads the way in Europe with a glass recycling rate of 98.65%.

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Rehab Recycle Launches Eco Village

11th April 2013

A new bring site for commercial recyclable and reusable material is now open to businesses in Cork city and county. The Eco Village, which is the first business amenity site of its kind in Ireland, will make the target of zero waste a real possibility for Cork city and county by offering recycle and reuse services completely free of charge to Cork businesses.

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Passing IT on with Lenovo, Dublin City Council and Age Action

26th February 2013

Lenovo, Dublin City Council and Age Action join forces with Promise it to Rehab Recycle to help provide computer training courses to the residents of sheltered housing in Dublin.

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