Don’t Forget to Recycle This Christmas

18th December 2013

With each household consuming on average 20% more food and drink over the Christmas period, Rehab Glassco is asking people to also double their recycling efforts by depositing all their glass bottles, jars and aluminum cans in their local bring bank. Extra measures, such as extra collections, have been put in place to meet the demand on bring banks over the festive period.

Rehab Glassco continues to lead the way in glass recycling in Ireland providing over 1,800 collection points in 24 local authority areas. Almost 113,000 tonnes of glass have been collected by Rehab Glassco so far this year and has been recycled at its state-of-the-art facility in Naas, Co. Kildare. Over 73,000 tonnes came from public bring banks, with the remaining 40,000 tonnes coming from door to door collections and the hospitality sector.

Rehab Glassco’s tips to households to help them with their recycling this Christmas are:
• Gently rinse  away any leftover liquids, food or sauce residues
• Crush and flatten aluminum cans so they take up less space in your recycling bag and in the bottle banks
• Green and blue glass go together into the green bottle bank
• Don’t put broken plates, cups and pyrex dishes in the bottle banks

You can find your nearest Rehab Glassco bottle bank by logging onto or by downloading the Recyclemore app on your smartphone. If your chosen bottle bank is full when you visit over the busy holiday period please let us know by  calling Rehab Glassco on 01 6854400.

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